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Why Vienna chose Advenica’s Data Diodes to protect its energy infrastructure

In our day and age, high-tech companies face ever greater challenges.


Secure information management for ICS systems

The modernisation and digitalisation era of today has increased deployment of IoT equipment in ICS systems.


How to do a secure transfer of SCADA information

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used for monitoring and controlling processes in industry and in critical infrastructure.


Security in a future of IoT based on 5G

Defined as “Sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects that are linked through wired and wireless networks", Internet of Things (IoT) emerged 21 years ago, when the Internet was the


Cybersecurity trends for 2020

Digitalisation plays a very important role in our modern society as it reduces costs, increases flexibility and can give you a competitive edge.


How to get started with information security work?

The digital world places new, higher demands on information security.


How the energy sector can secure power and a functioning society

With more frequent and increasingly vicious cyberattacks, vulnerabilities in IT architecture pose a severe threat.


Security culture - an important part of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity today is not only a technical challenge but also a human challenge - a matter of security culture.


Lack of cybersecurity awareness in the oil & gas industry – a major risk for the environment

A cyberattack on oil and gas control systems can result in severe consequences to human safety and the environment in the form of ruptures, explosions, fires, releases and spills.


How municipalities keep citizens’ integrity and privacy safe

Ransomware attacks on municipalities and similar organisations are more frequent than ever.


Information security compliance – five business benefits

Ransomware attacks are more frequent than ever. The attacks can block all computers, and thus access all digital communication, with the attacker demanding a huge ransom to unblock them.


How you secure the management's commitment to information security

Digitalisation is making information security an area that is becoming increasingly important.


Is your security solution future-proof?

Today, there are many suppliers of different information security solutions. But do you know how future-proof the solution you choose to invest in actually is?


The NIS directive - we can help you comply

The purpose of the NIS directive is for providers of essential services to work with risk-based security.


How does your organisation secure information security in ICS and SCADA systems?

The NIS directive and, in some countries, stricter national security legislation impose new, higher requirements on companies within critical infrastructure in terms of information security.


Know how to do secure file transfer to classified networks?

Many organisations today have difficulties tracking and securing all data transfer channels that expose them to security threats.


Feel in control regarding the NIS directive?

The NIS directive was adopted in 2016 in EU and sets a range of network and information security requirements which apply to operators of essential services and digital service providers (DSPs).


Is your organisation protected from being hacked?

The data intrusions are constantly increasing.


Cyber-attacks – part of our everyday lives

Digitalisation has given us a tool for instant global communication, the Internet.


When a firewall is not enough

What do you do to protect your organisation’s network and information flow? What solution do you use and depend on?


What is a data diode and how does it work?

It’s no secret that organisations have physical assets that require protection.


The defence needs trusted cybersecurity solutions – do you?

Customers in the defence industry have strict requirements

Not everybody can be a producer for the defence industry.


Maintain security, even when working remotely!

Every day most of us work with several different systems. Through our computer and other digital devices we access information that is physically in a completely different place.


Four reasons to invest in future-proof solutions today

With a constantly more serious threat scenario, everyone today needs to be aware of the risk of a cyber attack and the consequences of insufficient security.


The cyber year of 2019 and what’s to come

Jonas Dellenvall, CTO at Advenica, shares his view on the security year ahead of us.


Five steps to controlled remote access with RDP

Today, remote access is commonly used to connect with servers and networks at a distance. The functionality is there but the control is missing.


Are you protecting the right things?

In today's digitalised world it is increasingly important to protect information.


All clouds are not made equal – five questions to ask your cloud service provider

“Confidential information must be considered breached”.


Five key facts in the Quantum Age

1. Quantum computers are becoming available to all

Quantum computers are by nature immensely faster than classical computers on making searches in data sets or factorizing large numbers.


What was the target of the water station break-in?

Last week, Swedish television reported about a


Can we trust what we “know” about cybersecurity?

Organisations are becoming more enlightened about the threats that cyberattacks provide.


Are we taking cybersecurity seriously enough?

There are many examples of companies and organisations that have paid a high price for a lack of information security, both financially and in terms of their reputation.


The story of the Trojan Horse from an IT security perspective

The legend of the Trojan War tells the story of how the Greeks tricked their opponents using a Trojan horse.


Eliminate insider threats and data leakage once and for all

Three Domain Separation was originally developed by Advenica in connection to a high assurance project for the Swedish armed forces.


Network segmentation – fundamental for information security

Calculating clear-cut network segmentation ROI can be tricky. It is a preventive investment, a vaccination against cyberattacks. Thinking it is unnecessary? Or waiting until it is too late?


Today's security situation requires a military cyber approach

The world is changing. Established truths just a few years ago are no longer relevant.


Cybersecurity challenges in 2018

Advenica’s CTO Jonas Dellenvall and CEO Einar Lindquist talk about what’s happening in cybersecurity in 2018.


Critical data in motion

In today’s politically volatile and digitalised world, it’s more important than ever to protect critical information.


Low maturity and readiness to cope with cyber threats

It’s scary how so many municipalities have such a low maturity and readiness to cope with cyber threats.


A government proposal we welcome

The Swedish government wants to tighten protection against espionage and tampering.


The perfect storm is on its way. Who cares?

What’s the forecast for critical infrastructure? The "Weather Forecast" for critical infrastructure is that the perfect storm will be triggered in May 2018. Why just then?


Are fiber optics secure?

One of today’s topics at Nato´s on-going cyber symposium in Mons, Begium, was interception possibility of fiber optic networks.


Advenica working with ETSI

In February this year, Advenica was given the opportunity to lead and drive two technical specifications for Middlebox Security Protocols which is two of the new work items in the Cyber Security co


Advenica presents Cross Domain Solutions to the EU Council Security Committee

The policy brings forward four distinct scenarios, ranging from air gaps, through uni-directional import and export of information, to bi-directional information exchange.


A Brand New Advenica

It’s all about being relevant

Let’s face it.


New website focusing on National Security solutions

Advenica has its background and core business within the National Security market segment, adressing Armed Forces and Government customers.


cPPP for cybersecurity

A survey, made on behalf of the European Commission, shows that the European market when it comes to cybersecurity is dominated by a small group of non-Eur