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SecuriCDS Data Diode

SecuriCDS Data Diode

Unidirectional information exchange between networks

SecuriCDS Data Diode is the ideal solution for organisations that want to prevent intrusion and maintain network integrity, or prevent leakage and maintain network confidentiality. Data diodes offer a more secure alternative to manual data movement removing the risk of human error.

A data diode guarantees unidirectional separation between network interfaces. It contains optical fibre with a transmitter on one side and receiver on the other, with no chance of a two way transfer.


Design of proxies

Coupled with proxies designed for interacting with highly sensitive information, it offers a much higher level of data protection.

We offer a standard list of proxies and can custom build your proxy or adapt an existing proxy system to meet your exact requirements and applications. Using proxy services makes the application flexible, cost-effective and reliable.


Why a data diode?

One-way information transfer

Many networks require extra protection against manipulation and data leakage as they contain classified or sensitive information. Sometimes they are kept isolated to be kept safe. However, there are times when certain information has to be sent into, or out of, such networks. In such cases, a data diode can be of help.

A data diode is a one-way information transfer device that connects two networks of different security levels and allows information to be sent to the more secure network without the risk of information leakage. The diode has an optical hardware separation to guarantee a unidirectional separation between the two networks.


Data diodes can be used in many different customer scenarios

A data diode allows for operating system, application and anti-virus updates on a secure network. It enables email alerts on different networks. A data diode also enables customers to import files from a public network, such as the Internet, to a classified network.


SecuriCDS Data Diode Models


The DD1000A offers high performance in a small package, the data diode measures only 216 x 167 x 44 mm. A single or two DD1000A can be mounted in a 19" rack system utilizing only 1U. Depending on the application, the DD1000A may need external proxy servers, which can be located in separate rack servers, integrated into applications or virtual servers, all depending on customer requirements.


DD1000i includes integrated hardware for proxies and can be mounted in a 19" rack system (height: 1U). The Advenica diode proxy takes data protection to a higher level. By offering a powerful solution for efficient, risk free data transfer between closed and open networks, proxies are designed, developed and tested to meet the requirements for interacting with highly sensitive information.