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This segment of our website captures and describes common challenges who we typically are facing when handling cybersecurity issues.

Secure digitalisation

Digitalisation is revolutionising every industry. It helps streamline workflows to meet expectations on availability and create new revenue opportunities.

NIS Directive

May 2018 marks the month when GDPR comes into play as well as the month when the EU NIS directive shall have transposed into national law for all EU countries.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will bring revolutionary changes in IT systems over the coming months.


For organisations and institutions with interest in keeping secret information safe from adversaries, it is absolutely essential to be forward thinking when it comes to information security.

Secured integration

Many businesses are trying to become more competitive and create added value for customers and other stakeholders by attempting to integrate old and new systems.

Network segmentation

Supplying critical infrastructure poses many challenges, especially when integrating complex SCADA systems towards business systems that have different requirements. There are many challenges in connecting safe and secure IT networks.

Digital responsibility

There’s a growing concern about how to establish secure information exchanges. Companies must think about how they take their digital responsibilities. Responsibility means working with information management in a proactive and sustainable way.

Secure outsourcing

Outsourcing is a common way of improving the technical platform and gaining access to expertise for IT needs in all industries. It also helps cut costs. One aspect often overlooked in outsourcing is the risk of letting a supplier manage personal information or other sensitive information.