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Cross Domain Solutions

Information exchange when information really matters

Cross Domain Solution, Guard or IEG is a term used to describe the concept of maintaining secure information exchange between domains with different security or protection needs. This can be between databases, servers, applications, or combinations of these. CDS addresses the concept of communicating, sharing or moving information between domains and apply validation, transformation or filtering to the exchange.

The purpose is to apply strict information-level control (including OSI level 7) during information transfers, whereas highly assured security addresses cybersecurity threats such as manipulation, data leakage and intrusion.

The way to do it

Cross Domain Solutions include three types of information exchange principles:

  • Bi-directionally to fulfil domain handshake and tailored information exchange. SecuriCDS ZoneGuard with policy-based validation, transformation and filtering is perfect for these use cases.
  • Uni-directional for ensuring integrity or confidentiality of domains. SecuriCDS DD1000 provide this functionality.
  • Airgap between systems using manual transfer and control of the information. SecuriRAM, USB-memory stick, can be used with the benefit of secure automatic memory erase.