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Digital responsibility

There’s a growing concern about how to establish secure information exchanges. Companies must think about how they take their digital responsibilities. Responsibility means working with information management in a proactive and sustainable way.

We offer digital freedom in all communication. Responsible information management gives you the ability to achieve viable and sustainable businesses that open up for innovation and new revenue opportunities.

We believe that secure information flows are necessary for you to be respected as an attractive employer and leading-edge business.


Information management as part of CSR

Companies need to change the way they view sustainability, and weave information management into the more traditional parameters of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts such as environment, working conditions, etc. Information security should become a topic discussed and prioritised more in boardrooms and management.

The level of information security required doesn’t have to be complex. It’s more about finding new, smart applications for information exchange. That’s where Advenica’s innovative solutions help.