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In this section we have collected parts of our know-how about cybersecurity. We describe common challenges who you typically are facing when handling cybersecurity issues.

what is cyber security

Cybersecurity - what is that?

Lack of cybersecurity is a major risk to businesses today. We read all the time about companies that have been attacked, with a great cost to both the business and the customers. Cybersecurity really is a buzzword in this digital world. But what is the definition of this word? And why do I need to bother about cybersecurity and cyber-attacks? 

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what is a data diode

What is a data diode?

A data diode is a cybersecurity solution that insures unidirectional information exchange. This high assurance hardware device maintains both network integrity by preventing intrusion, as well as network confidentiality by protecting the most security sensitive information.

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When is a firewall not enough?

If you need to transfer information to or from a security sensitive network a firewall should not be the only solution you chose to enhance your cybersecurity. Though a firewall strives to protect the network, a high assurance addition in terms of a Cross Domain Solution is also needed.

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what is the nis directive

What is the NIS Directive?

To provide NIS appropriate security for your IT and OT you need to be in full control of your information security domains. Today in the ever interconnected and digitalisation driven reality, fully air-gaped solutions is no longer a viable alternative. You need to allow information to travel between domains an you need to stay in control.

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What does the new Swedish security protection legislation mean?

The new Swedish security protection legislation clarifies the obligations for companies with security-sensitive activities and the importance of the operators performing security protection analyses for their operations.

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secure digitalisation

How to achieve secure digitalisation?

Digitalisation is revolutionising every industry. It helps streamline workflows to meet expectations on availability and create new revenue opportunities. New challenges also arise when different systems communicate with each other.

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

By legislating meaningful rights for the individual, and the corresponding obligations on the organisations who manage the information, the power of the information is transferred to the individual. To ensure compliance imposed severe penalty payment.

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What does quantum-safe mean?

For organisations and institutions with interest in keeping secret information safe from adversaries, it is absolutely essential to be forward thinking when it comes to information security.

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secured integration

How to make a secure system integration?

Many businesses are trying to become more competitive and create added value for customers and other stakeholders by attempting to integrate old and new systems. But how to make a secure system integration? 

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network segmentation

What is network segmentation?

Supplying critical infrastructure poses many challenges, especially when integrating complex SCADA systems towards business systems that have different requirements. There are many challenges in connecting safe and secure IT networks. To succeed, network segmentation is essential.

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How to achieve secure outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a common way of improving the technical platform and gaining access to expertise for IT needs in all industries. It also helps cut costs. But as there are some security risks connected to outsourcing, there are some important things to have in mind.

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what is digital responsibility

What is digital responsibility?

There’s a growing concern about how to establish secure information exchanges. Companies must think about how they take their digital responsibilities. Responsibility means working with information management in a proactive and sustainable way.

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