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Critical data in motion

In today’s politically volatile and digitalised world, it’s more important than ever to protect critical information.

A government proposal we welcome

The Swedish government wants to tighten protection against espionage and tampering. A new bill means that private companies will also be covered by the new Security Protection Act.

Are fiber optics secure?

One of today’s topics at Nato´s on-going cyber symposium in Mons, Begium, was interception possibility of fiber optic networks.

Advenica wins new order in Finland

Advenica, a leading European provider of cybersecurity solutions and services, has achieved new success on the international market. The order placed on crypto products is from a new customer within the Finnish public sector.

Trafikverket signs a three year agreement

Advenica, the Swedish supplier of cybersecurity solutions, has won a framework agreement for a period of three years in combination with an initial order of 1.9 MSEK from Trafikverket.

Advenica to speek during CS3STHLM

The 4th edition of the top international summit on SCADA/ICS and critical infrastructure includes a seminar called ’Effective threat mitigation strategies’ hosted by Advenica.

FMV orders crypto products worth 27 MSEK

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has placed an order for additional devices of Advenica’s network encryptor SecuriVPN, with estimated delivery in December 2017.

Advenica working with ETSI

In February this year, Advenica was given the opportunity to lead and drive two technical specifications for Middlebox Security Protocols which is two of the new work items in the Cyber Security committee within ETSI. This is a great opportunity which puts us directly into contact with the industry and university experts of secure communication protocols.

Arctic Paper chooses Advenica

Advenica, the Swedish provider of cybersecurity, has won an order from the Arctic Paper Group. With the task of making a risk and vulnerability analysis, the first step is taken into a whole new industry within the strategically important Enterprise Solutions business area.

Yet another order for Advenica

Yet another order for Advenica - will provide services for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration worth 3,6 MSEK.

FMV orders more cybersecurity products

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has purchased more products from Advenica's Cross Domain Solutions portfolio to a value of over half a million SEK.

A Swedish authority chooses Advenica's cybersecurity solutions in a new project

A Swedish authority has chosen Advenica's innovative technology to protect their flow of information. The order is on Advenica's latest solution ZoneGuard and the order value is approximately SEK 800,000.

ZoneGuard ensures that only information defined by the organisation in question may pass. The solution enables different IT systems to be linked together in spite of different security classifications and to exchange information securely.