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Advenica and Dell Technologies in strategic cooperation for a more secure future

Advenica is a leading European provider of cybersecurity solutions and has a long experience with high assurance security hardware that meets high security demands, all the way up to Top-Secret cla


Order worth MSEK 10 from Swedish authorities for product development of Advenica Cross Domain Solutions

Advenica is a long-established and well trusted provider of cybersecurity solutions for defense customers, both in Sweden and internationally.


Advenica receives new development assignment, worth SEK 5.4 million, from FMV

Advenica is a well-established and trusted supplier of cybersecurity solutions both in Sweden and internationally.


Swedish customer places new order, worth SEK 6.5 million, on Advenica's products and services

Advenica is a well-established and trusted supplier of cyber security solutions both in Sweden and internationally.


October - the European Cyber Security month

ECSM is the EU’s annual awareness campaign that takes place each October across Europe.


Acting CEO Marie Bengtsson appointed CEO of Advenica

Marie Bengtsson has extensive experience from senior positions such as CFO of Fitness24Seven, financial manager of SIA Home Fashion, and CFO and HR manager of Thomsson Multimedia Scandinavia.


Advenica launches new unique products in the Data diode family

A data diode prevents intrusion and maintains the integrity of the network while preventing information leaks and maintaining the confidentiality of the network.


Advenica receives order worth MSEK 5.7 from Finnish customer

With digitalisation more devices are connected to the Internet – convenient, but this also increases the possible attack routes into the IT structure.


Finnish order worth MSEK 4.5 for Advenica

Advenica continues its stable growth in Finland.


Advenica grows in Europe – new Austrian order worth MSEK 5

Advenica provides expertise and unique, technically advanced, durable and future-proof high assurance cybersecurity solutions for critical data in motion up to Top Secret classification.


Advenica's data diodes receive national security accreditation in Austria

Advenica, a leading European provider of cyber security solutions, established itself in Austria in mid-2017 to provide high-security cyber security solutions to customers in Austria and other Euro


New order worth MSEK 7.6 for Advenica in Finland

The need for high assurance cybersecurity solutions continues to grow.


Advenica signs MSEK 29 deal with one of Sweden’s major energy companies regarding overall cybersecurity solution

OT (Operational Technology) includes all subsystems necessary to control and monitor a physical process, for insta


Advenica initiates partnership with Nixu

Secure digitalisation is a huge challenge for most organisations today.


Advenica receives order for cybersecurity products from European Space Agency

Advenica provides expertise and unique, technically advanced, durable and future-proof high assurance cybersecurity solutions for critical data in motion u


Advenica initiates partnership with OPSWAT

Protecting information using high assurance cyber security solutions is something that more and more companies and


FMV places new order, worth MSEK 35, on Advenica's encryption products

This is the deal that was mentioned in the press release sent on January 23, 2019.


Advenica launches smart and complete cybersecurity service

“Relax, we’ll handle your cybersecurity”, is the new message from Advenica when they now launch their new service Advenica Assurance.


New order from Swedish authorities for Advenica encryption products, worth MSEK 7,6

Advenica, the Swedish provider of cybersecurity solutions, has received an order from Swedish authorities for encryption products.


Advenica enters partnership with CGI Sweden

Cybersecurity is an increasingly business critical issue in today's digitalised world.


Further growth in Finland – Advenica receives MSEK 1.5 order

Focusing primarily on national security, the public sector and critical infrastructure, Advenica offers certified encryption and segmentation products that protect critical data to the highest leve


Advenica grows in Europe – Austrian order worth over MSEK 3

Mid-2017 Advenica established strategic offices in Vienna to provide high assurance cybersecurity solutions to amongst others the Austrian Defence Forces, who signed a ten-year framework agreement


Finnish MSEK 2.5 order on Advenica’s cybersecurity

Advenica continues its stable growth in Finland.


New order from FMV for Advenica encryption products – worth MSEK 19.5

Advenica is a long-established provider of cybersecurity solutions within National Security, both in Sweden and internationally.


Heléne Bittmann new Swedish VP Sales for the National Security focus area at Advenica

The Swedish provider of cybersecurity solutions, Advenica, has appointed Heléne Bittmann as the new VP Sales for the focus area National Security in Sweden.


Agreement with Asian energy company through Advenica’s partner – order worth MSEK 3.5

Interest in Advenica's products and services for raising critical infrastructure’s – and thus society's – preparedness for cyberattacks is increasing not only in Sweden but also internationally.


New success in critical infrastructure for Advenica - energy company places order worth MSEK 4

Cooperation commenced late 2017 when Advenica and the energy company reviewed the information security of the company.


Advenica extends agreement with a Swedish authority - new order worth 3 MSEK

The Swedish provider of cybersecurity solutions signs an extended agreement with an existing customer to include additional accessories for previously installed hardware encryption.


Advenica receives MSEK 1.5 order from customer in the Finnish public sector

The European provider of cybersecurity solutions moves forward in Finland, with an order worth MSEK 1.5.


Advenica signs Finnish order worth approximately MSEK 1

Advenica, a leading European provider of cybersecurity solutions, has won an order for products and services from a customer in the Finnish public sector.


A Swedish international industrial corporation chooses Advenica

The order value is MSEK 0.6 with delivery before the turn of the year.


Advenica initiates partnership with Cygate Oy in Finland

New partner agreement in Finland

Advenica has signed a partner agreement with Cygate Oy in Finland.


Advenica partners with expansive IT company - strengthens offer to Swedish governmental agencies

Advenica, the Swedish developer and manufacturer of cybersecurity solutions, starts a partnership with the successful and fast-growing Infront IT-partner.


Advenica takes a strong hold of the cybersecurity market

Advenica takes a strong hold of the cybersecurity market – increased interest from potential partners


Advenica makes its debut on the Polish market

The agreement means Advenica can welcome a new customer from a new country and a new industry – a breakthrough on several levels even if initial revenue is modest.


Advenica signs one of the most significant orders so far in Finland - worth approximately MSEK 2.5

Advenica established offices in Helsinki late 2016, and the market responded quickly.


Advenica grows its commitment to The Swedish Transport Administration

Advenica, a Swedish supplier of cybersecurity solutions, has won a framework agreement for a period of three years for crypto-solutions.


Trafikverket signs a three year agreement

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) signs a three year agreement with Advenica and place an initial ZoneGuard order of 1.9 MSEK


FMV orders crypto products worth 27 MSEK

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has placed an order for additional devices of Advenica’s network encryptor SecuriVPN, with estimated delivery in December 2017.


Arctic Paper chooses Advenica for risk and vulnerability analysis of information security

Advenica, the Swedish provider of cybersecurity, has won an order from the Arctic Paper Group.


Yet another order for Advenica - will provide services for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration worth 3,6 MSEK

Provision of new services

The services ordered by FMV may include storage maintenance, system maintenance, training and technical investigations.


Advenica achieves success in the East - signs orders worth approximately SEK 600 000

Advenica is growing on the international market and the establishment in Helsinki has been followed by successful business.


FMV orders more cybersecurity products

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has purchased more products from Advenica's Cross Domain Solutions portfolio to a value of over half a million SEK.


A Swedish authority chooses Advenica's cybersecurity solutions in a new project

ZoneGuard ensures that only information defined by the organisation in question may pass.


Advenica appoints Markus Gursch as CEO in Austria

As part of the company’s progress in Europe, the Swedish IT-security company Advenica continues to invest in Austria by appointing Markus Gursch as CEO of Advenica Austria.


Advenica strengthens cooperation with FMV

Since 2002 Advenica has developed encryption solutions for the Swedish National Defence.


Advenica has taken yet another order of the N3 approved data diode

Advenica’s data diodes were approved in October 2016 by the Swedish Armed Forces with the component assurance level N3 which made Advenica’s data diodes the only approved diodes at this level.


Advenica initiates partnership with Dustin in Finland

Dustin will offer Advenica’s classified products to their customers who require advanced IT solutions to protect their information and ensure a secure information exchange.


Staffan Lundgren appointed as VP of Professional Services

Staffan Lundgren is an experienced leader who has worked several years with service sales and change management within IT and the telecom sector.


Order from new customer within critical infrastructure

Advenica’s data diodes are the only Swedish cybersecurity products that has been classified up to level SECRET/TOP SECRET by the control institutions in several countries.


Advenica has won an order from a Nordic authority equivalent to 1 MSEK

Advenica’s VPN products have a design that resists quantum computing and eliminates the threat of the encryption solution being infiltrated. This makes the VPN products a future-proof investment.


Advenica new member of NSD - Näringslivets säkerhetsdelegation

Advenica is now officially a member of "Näringslivets säkerhetsdelegation" (the security delegation of business).


Advenica receives an order from a new customer in Singapore

Advenica who has sales offices in Sweden, Finland and Austria have now received their first order from Singapore.


Advenica has received a strategic order from a European authority 

This is the first order that the company has received from this European authority and that now will evaluate Advenica’s unique technologies for “Quantum Safe” encryption solutions, SecuriVPN and S


Advenica appoints Lars Nagy as head of development

Lars Nagy comes from the company AB Ph Nederman & Co which is a leading global company that develops products and solutions within environmental technology.


Advenica wins another large order from a Swedish authority worth 23,8 MSEK

Advenica will provide products within the product family SecuriVPN which includes the patented technology Three Domain Separation.


Advenica appoints Mikael Puska as CEO in Finland

Mikael Puska has many years of experience working with cybersecurity and has also worked as an officer in various positions for the Armed Forces, including CIO (Chief Information Officer) of the Na


Participation in research project within IoT-security

Today there are 15 billion connected devices in the world and within five years there will be 28 billion (Ericsson Mobility Report, 2015).


Advenica’s data diodes approved by Swedish Armed Forces with the component assurance level N3 according to Swedish national security requirements

Advenica’s data diodes SecuriCDS DD1000A and SecuriCDS DD1000i has been approved by Swedish Armed Forces with the component assurance level N3 according to Swedish national security requirements.


Advenica receives a smaller order from a Swedish Authority worth over half a million SEK

The order is on Advenica’s Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) products and include SecuriCDS ZoneGuard and SecuriCDS Data Diode.


Advenica delivers products equivalent to 10 MSEK for a major government customer in Sweden

The company's cash flow will increase by more than 10 MSEK and delivery is immediate. The deal is the largest in the company's history for the product family Cross Domain Solutions.


Network encryptors approved by Austrian MoD

Advenica are pleased to announce that products from our SecuriVPN network encryptor product family have been approved by the Austrian Ministry of Defence (MoD) National Communication Security Autho


Advenica has won a strategic order from an EU country

The Swedish cybersecurity company Advenica has received an order of the cross-domain solution, SecuriCDS DD1000A.


Advenica expands - opens new office in Finland

Advenica, a Swedish high-tech company that develops, manufactures and sells innovative cybersecurity solutions, opens office in Helsinki.


Advenica signs framework agreement with Austrian Defense Forces

Advenica, a leading Swedish cybersecurity company, has recently signed a 10 year framework agreement contract with the Austrian Defense Forces to deliver its broad range of cutting edge cybersecuri


Advenica receives order from Austrian Ministry of Defense

For more than 20 years Advenica has delivered solutions to government and defense organisations.