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Eliminate insider threats and data leakage once and for all

Three Domain Separation was originally developed by Advenica in connection to a high assurance project for the Swedish armed forces. The need to separate administrative and ordinary data flow in encryption products was identified, and the solution took worst-case scenarios such as malicious administrators into consideration.

Critical data in motion

In today’s politically volatile and digitalised world, it’s more important than ever to protect critical information.

A government proposal we welcome

The Swedish government wants to tighten protection against espionage and tampering. A new bill means that private companies will also be covered by the new Security Protection Act.

The perfect storm is on its way. Who cares?

What’s the forecast for critical infrastructure? The "Weather Forecast" for critical infrastructure is that the perfect storm will be triggered in May 2018. Why just then? That’s when several phenomena in the cyber world will collide which can have major consequences.