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Our offer

Digital freedom in all communication

Advenica is a Swedish IT company that develops, manufactures and sells innovative cybersecurity solutions and provide services to succeed in a connected world.

Our product range enables the efficient and secure exchange of information between applications, systems and domains within and between organisations.

Solutions include encryption systems and information exchange solutions for network communication.

Advenica is one out of four companies in the world with EU certification of VPN technology at the highest level of security.

We also hold an US patent on our proprietary Three Domain Separation technology.


Our offer

Advenica offers complete solutions to enable digitisation, focusing on business benefits and sustainability.

Our unique, proprietary, high assurance solutions enable secure information flows, protecting your systems from cyberattacks such as hacking, manipulation and data leakage. This security enables you to create new revenue streams, become more efficient and comply with your own and any government-imposed regulatory requirements.

We provide complete turnkey solutions including products, consulting, customisation, training, commissioning, maintenance and financing solutions for all your different cybersecurity needs.