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Solutions for classified information handling

Solutions for classified information handling

If you are looking for solutions that shall be used to protect your most valuable information assets we can help you. We design, develop and manufacture products that is approved for Top Secret down to Company Restricted.

We understand the needs to address the high assurance demands that is mandatory in the cybersecurity threat landscape of today and tomorrow. Military grade is applicable in more areas than Defense and National Security.

We are proud to provide products and solutions that are made in Sweden. We are proud that we provide solutions that take on the cyberthreat challenge from a different angle than the average IT-security provider.

Throughout the years, Advenica's solutions have been awarded several prestigious certifications and approvals by the European Union, national certification bodies and international IT security certification bodies.


Our products

Cross Domain Solutions

Cross Domain Solution, Guard or IEG is a term used to describe the concept of maintaining secure information exchange between domains with different security or protection needs. This can be between databases, servers, applications, or combinations of these.

Cross Domain Solutions addresses the concept of communicating, sharing or moving information between domains and apply validation, transformation or filtering to the exchange.

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Network encryptors

When geographically scattered organisations share information and data over open networks, such as the Internet, they are facing the risk of data intrusion and manipulation.

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