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Unique encryption and segmentation

With Advenica's sustainable, future-proof and technologically advanced encryption and segmentation products, networks can be physically separated and information can be securely connected simultaneously. We offer security solution subscription based on monthly or quarterly calls, giving you the flexibility to procure exactly the requested capacity.

High assurance products

  • Makes it possible to securely send classified information over the Internet
    Advenica's encryption products protect video conferencing, multimedia or files, against unauthorised modification, interception and access.
  • Enables secure uni-, bi-directional and airgap information exchange
    Advenica’s Cross Domain Solutions enable strictly controlled and filtered information exchange between domains with different security or protection needs, for instance databases, servers, applications, or combinations.
  • Patented technology
    Three Domain Separation, Advenica’s proprietary technology-leading VPN encryption, meets the high standards that the defence industry, critical infrastructure and security organisations place on IP-based networks. Three Domain Separation has been awarded both US and Swedish patents.
  • Approved at highest level of security
    Advenica’s encryption products are approved for HEMLIG / TOP SECRET (Sweden), NATO CONFIDENTIAL (Sweden), SECRET UE / EU SECRET (EU), NATO SECRET (EU), Eingeschränkkt (Austria) and Geheim (Austria). Our data diode is the only one on the market N3-approved (HEMLIG / TOP SECRET) by the Swedish Armed Forces. It is also approved at the highest level in several other countries.