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Information security in a Quantum Age

For organisations and institutions with interest in keeping secret information safe from adversaries, it is absolutely essential to be forward thinking when it comes to information security.

This involves considering how long information needs to stay secure. Organisations need to have a very clear view of the practical consequences of a certain category of information becoming public knowledge long before it was originally intended to.

Quantum computers can quickly break cryptographic keys and attacker can decrypt private communications. In essence, quantum computing compromises the very principal of secure communication – confidentiality, integrity and authentication.


Quantum-safe communication today

Solve the problem by utilizing solutions with quantum safe key distribution “by design”. Watch our video "Cryptography - is the quantum apocalypse inevitable?"

The level of information security required doesn’t have to be complex. It’s more about finding new, smart applications for information exchange. That’s where Advenica’s innovative solutions help.