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Secured integration

Many businesses are trying to become more competitive and create added value for customers and other stakeholders by attempting to integrate old and new systems.

Regardless of which technology you use or what mix of infrastructure you require, you need to assess the impact of information security in these systems. Typically, they manage fundamentally different information, and exchange more or less limited amounts of information. In other words, a policy is needed that defines what information should be shared and in which direction.


Identify the most valuable information

Integration should be based on what information needs to be shared to create competitiveness and efficiency, not which technical solution is available. Focus on identifying relevant information content, who has the right to send or receive the information, and how you can ensure that it does not pose a risk of intrusion, data leakage or negatively affect integrity.

The level of information security required doesn’t have to be complex. It’s more about finding new, smart applications for information exchange. That’s where Advenica’s innovative solutions help.