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Service overview


Business driven information exchange, digitalization to make optimizations or high assurance solutions require well thought thru and diligent planning to capture and leverage all opportunities as well as potential threats. We guide our customers throughout the whole process of dealing with those challenges. We are your strategic advisor and partner to ensure the best path based on your needs regarding information security.

Threat intelligence

To maintain security systems can be a challenge but doesn’t need to be. We have for a long time had detailed threat intelligence for our solutions and products. Our way of working and tools that we have in place are we re-using for other solutions. Included in the intelligence are external factors that can impact the requirements to achieve the right level of information security. This can be legal requirements, new type of threats or happenings in the world that could potentially influence solutions.


Several of our solutions have a design that permits tailor made application and service development. We can help you to make boutique solutions or we can teach you to do it in-house.

Managed Services and maintenance

We provide several options to leverage our solutions. On-premises in your ownership, on-premises with Advenica ownership, hosted or as SECaaS (Security as a service).