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Solution descriptions

In this section we have collected information about some of our solutions. We describe a major challenge and the risks that are connected to it as well as the suggested Advenica solution and the advantages it brings.

Secure Remote Access

Many organisations depend on remote access through RDP, for example, to allow suppliers to perform maintenance, or so that operating personnel can monitor and control a system. Secure remote access solves many of the security risks that are otherwise associated with such solutions.

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IT/OT integration

Digitalisation means that IT and OT systems are connected. This integration presents security challenges and requires special solutions.

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Traceability and security logging

Centralised logging in security-sensitive systems involves an enhanced risk of attacks. To reduce the risks, a solution is needed that protects both log data and all connected systems.

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Secure transfer of SCADA information

To transmit critical information, e.g. from a SCADA system to an administrative office network means potential security risks. But there are solutions that take care of security problems and at the same time enables an exchange of information.

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