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How can you make sure a cyber attack doesn't have serious consequences for your business?

Nowadays the business community is a direct target for cyber attacks. Soon there will be new laws and regulations to combat these threats that will affect companies everywhere. With our help, you can quickly upgrade your information security.

It is strategically and tactically important to ensure you can protect the information your company can’t afford to lose. Insufficient security can jeopardize your competitiveness today, and even your company's long-term future.


Vulnerable operations

Operations that depend on IT systems for operation, monitoring and control are particularly vulnerable. We work to ensure that business-critical production environments are not shut down in the event of a possible cyber attack.


Meet increasing demands

In 2018 the laws regarding cybersecurity and information security were tightened, increasing requirements on how a company manages and protects its data.

Suppliers and partners will be scrutinized more deeply, and only those who can demonstrate good processes and security practices will win.


Efficient solutions from analysis to hardware

As a first step, we perform analyses of your company’s existing IT security. We can also identify information that should be protected and recommend how you become more efficient in your information security processes.

We offer several solutions including data diodes which restrict data traffic to being unidirectional, without the risk of information leakage, for example between ERP systems and operating systems. Advenica enables a secure, automated information flow within your operations.