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Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure

Make sure your power goes to the people

Stop cyberattacks from disabling your utility systems. Employ built-in security mechanisms capable of handling any hacking attempts or other types of cyber threats. We help you identify vulnerabilities in hardware and network components.

Today, all critical infrastructure such as electricity distribution, water supply, transportation and telecommunications depend on IT systems for management, surveillance and control. Industrial control systems (ICS), also called SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), are essential to maintain the functionality of the many different types of critical infrastructure in our society. 


Our solutions within critical infrastructure

The most important element in the enhancement of the ICS-SCADA security is to keep the separate domains in the architecture isolated and only allow very specific information to flow in between. Product supporting this is the Data Diode that gives a high assurance isolation in the back direction and thereby blocking everything from the outside.

If two way information flow is necessary between the domains, a solution based on a high assurance filter, like Advenicas SecuriCDS ZoneGuard is needed where the information is inspected in every detail and approved if, and only if, everything is in perfect order. The high assurance filter performs the virtually impossible task of interconnecting specific information flow between two domains that must not be connected.