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National Security

National Security

Solutions for National Security

Advenica National Security delivers high assurance products as well as development projects to armed forces and government agencies in a number of countries. Our products have been well proven in highly operative environments, and are used for communication up to TOP SECRET.

Protect your critical information from cyber threats. Our hardware and software based network encryptors prevent all kinds of unauthorized data access and manipulation. To effectively share classified information between persons, departments and nations, equipment must comply too the most rigorous evaluations. Such high classified equipment are being used for:

  • Communication between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies across the globe.
  • Domestic communication between National Security stakeholders.
  • Multi-agency and international coordination of emergency planning and response.
  • Cross-jurisdictional law enforcement.
  • Measures to combat terrorism and international organized crime
  • Defense

If you are interested in how our products relate to National Security challenges, please visit to learn more.